Birthday Parties

Drawing upon a decade of experience performing and facilitating children´s events in South America, Central America, Australia and Europe, My Friend Tito has a proven track record for creating fun, inclusive, and entertaining birthday parties for all ages in the comfort of your own home.“Tito created a brilliant, unique and happy birthday party for my 6-year-old daughter and her friends. His energy is contagious and all the children had so much fun – a few of them are now committed to joining the circus!”

“Tito did a great job engaging the children from the start, learning all of their names and kicking off with the non-competitive games of tag, statues and stealing the treasure back to the village. The dads enjoyed that too! He made a real effort to make the time special for Billy, even while he was setting up for the party. I also appreciated the fact that he arrived in good time to set up and happily chatted to the parents and played with the children afterwards.”

“I wanted something different for Billy, which would capture his imagination and hold his attention. Tito managed to do that and Billy really enjoyed himself. I’m sure he will remember this party.”

“Tito takes the children through some warm up activities and then allows them to explore different elements of circus art; plate spinning, acrobats and slack rope walking. The party ended on a high note with Tito performing on the slack rope, much to everyone’s delight! Tito’s flexible approach meant that he adapted his show to accommodate space, age of kids and timing. A brilliant time was had!”

“This was a tough gig – pretty much all boisterous boys aged 4-10. Not an easy audience. I thought the mixture of group games, and alternating between watching and participating worked very well. I’m really pleased that we were recommended Tito and I hope we’ll see him again.”

“Something fun for kids and funny for parents.”

“TiTo selected the music my girls like, he was on time, and independent selecting the place for the activities. Loved the outfit and the rope show was amazing. Our most memorable moment was that you took the time to give them a present which is handmade and dedicated with their names.”