Birthday Parties Huge Sucess

What the parents said after the parties:

“TiTo selected the music that my girls like, he was on time, and independent selecting the place for the activities. We loved his outfit and the rope show he performed was amazing. Our most memorable moment was that TiTo took the time to give each of my girls a present which is handmade and dedicated with their names.”

“Way better than Chuck E. Cheese!”

Photos by Rafael Arenas Encinas

F I T A R 2 0 1 7 .
H E R O E .
Copyright ©, Rafael Arenas Encinas. Fotógrafo de escena.

2016 in review

  • Fail In Love With Me performed in festivals in Maule and Bio Bio regions of Chile.
  • Varietito performed in festivals in Bio Bio and Coquimbo regions of Chile.
  • Under the direction of Victor Quiroga in the Teatro Museo de Titeres y Payasos we began creating Hèroe.
  • Together with Jef Johnson and Victor Tomate Avalos I performed and facilitated the Step by Step Guide to Slack Rope Walking in te International Clown School in Portugal.
  • Fail In Love With Me and Varietito were performed in street theatre and theatre festivals in the Quindio and Antioquia departments in Colombia. 14 shows in 15 days!
  • Hèroe was previewed in front of test audiences. We continued developing the show!
  • The businessman and sleepwalker began surprising motorists up on the slack rope at different traffic lights in Santiago, Chile.
  • Varietito was performed in the Regional Theatre of Maule in Talca as part of their Zocalo event. The show was later performed in a rural school near Constitucion for their end of year event.
  • One weekend. Two amazing birthday parties. Parents and children enjoyed the fun and energy that Tito brings to events.
  • Together with Ignacia Parker and Loreto in Comparte Alas we facilitated a wonderful clown workshop.
  • Together with the clown troupe we received guests at the end of year event for ABB.
  • I received hats full of generous donations all year at the traffic light, however the last Thursday before Christmas was ridiculous! Thankyou kind motorists!
  • I am currently wrapping up the year rehearsing Héroe in the Tierra de las Artes, preparing for a Cabaret Night in Talca on the 30th of December to finish the year and prepare for the forthcoming summer of shows in Valparaiso, Chillan, Llongocura, Montepatria and hopefully more cities and towns!

Zocalo Teatro Regional de Maule

This past long weekend I was invited to perform in Maule Regional Theatre in Talca in their cultural event Zocalo. The theatre opens in back stage roller door and transforms in car park and docking space into a mini festival that includes market stalls, food trucks, childrens workshops and a performance stage. With beautiful weather, a professional team and a friendly audience the show was a wonderful experience!

Business as usual

Before graduating from University, the careers teacher sent us out to buy ourselves a professional suit. On the final day of class, we came in casual clothes and brought our suits along.

The careers teacher photographed us in our casual clothes and then in our suit and to conclude the class, she handed out a printed photo which placed “The casual me” alongside “The professional me”. “Which do you prefer to be? She asked.

Personally, I preferred the casual me. The suit hung for some twelve years in my bedroom wardrobe until this year when I had my parents send the suit over. At last, I had found a use for my professional suit!

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Photo by Travis Toll:

Photo by Travis Toll: