Curso Intensivo de Clown

Together with Ina Parker, I will be facilitating this intensive clown course in Santiago Chile on the 24th and 25th of June. This is the third course that we had facilitated together and we are looking forward to filling the twelve spaces available for students. If you would like to learn more or register, please contact us at

Fantastic Photos by Jose Luis Bontempo

From April 28th – May 1st I travelled to Argentina to a town called Murphy to participate in their annual theatre festival. Here are some photos from my show “Héroe” taken by the Argentinian photographer Jose Luis Bontempo.

Héroe en Escena Circo

Fotos por @Daniel Verde Zapata Leal

Birthday Parties Huge Sucess

What the parents said after the parties:

“TiTo selected the music that my girls like, he was on time, and independent selecting the place for the activities. We loved his outfit and the rope show he performed was amazing. Our most memorable moment was that TiTo took the time to give each of my girls a present which is handmade and dedicated with their names.”

“Way better than Chuck E. Cheese!”

Photos by Rafael Arenas Encinas

F I T A R 2 0 1 7 .
H E R O E .
Copyright ©, Rafael Arenas Encinas. Fotógrafo de escena.