Las Protestas en Chile

Ahora en castellano, la canción sobre las protestas en chile:

Si sales a la calle hoy
Seguro te sorprenderás
Si sales a la calle hoy
!Tus ojos protejeras!
Para todo Chile que alguna vez fue
Se reunirá en la calle porque
Hoy es el día en que los chilenos protestan
La marcha del pueblo
Todos unidos y hoy lo pasan mal
Los soldados secuestran
Y los torturan en la oscuridad
Les encanta marchar en paz
Pero tienen tantas problemas
A las seis, el toque de queda
intenta acostarlos
Pero no están cansados
Cada chileno bien portado
Igual son maltratados
hay muchos carteles de buen humor
Y ollas para tocar
Lo que hay detrás de la dictadura Y la política neoliberal
Por estas razónes
chile está de protesta.

The Chilean Protests

Hello boys and girls, welcome to Tito’s “Sing a long song song”. Today we are going to sing about “the day the Chileans had to protest”:

If you go down to the streets today
You’re sure of a big surprise

If you go down to the streets today
You’d better protect your eyes!

For all of Chile that ever there was
Will gather there for certain Because 

Today’s the day the Chileans have to protest

Protest time for Chileans
United Chileans are having an angry time today

The soldiers catch them unawares
And try to torture them in their hide aways

See them peacefully mill about
They love to play and shout
But have so many cares

At six o’clock the curfew tries
to send them home to bed
But they’re not tired little Chileans

Every Chilean who’s been good
Is sure of tear gas today

There’s lots of marvelous signs to read
And pots and pans to play

Behind the tricks of dictatorships
And neo liberal politics

‘Cause that’s the reason
Chileans have to protest

Morning Exercises

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We ended up sleeping on Kata and Mao´s couch. In the morning we walked Isa to school. And then made a quick visit to the traffic light. With the mountains overlooking. I tied up the rope. Then saluted the sun. And the early morning commuters. Renata captured it all. To share with you.

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A Sunday

Sunday. March. Sunny.
Skyscrapers hang shadows out.
Street salesman´s day off.
Spends it greasing his tricycle.
Take my rope to a corner.
Tie it up. Adjust it.
See people watching. From afar.
The concierge. The drunk.
The vagabond. The mother.
Thirty seconds.
Five seconds to grab their attention.
Fifteen seconds to maintain it.
Five seconds to share a smile.
And five more to pass the hat.
A man on a bike.
Asks me how many years did it take me to learn.
A man in a car.
Asks me what the hell am I doing in Chile.
A man walking his dog.
Smiles. And I smile back.
A man on a bench.
Sticks up two fingers.
In response to me tapping my wrist.
Walk to the park.
It’s practically empty.
But we set up anyway.
Mao with his whistle.
Herded in an audience.
I swung on the rope.
With shepherds eyes.
And the park was full.
And we were being silly.
The mute sold his birds.
Fatty sold his icecreams.
Baldy sold his balloons.
And the Peruvian sold his drinks.
And sometimes they laughed.
And sometimes they clapped.
And sometimes they yawned.
But they stayed.
And applauded.
And the children filled our hat.
With their parents money.
And we changed the coins.
For Baldy´s notes.
And they told us the police.
Had warned us not to perform again.
And Baldy told us to ignore them.
He has 22 fines.
That he has never paid.
And we split the money.
And watched from afar.
As Banana began his show.


Feria Del Libro en La Serena

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Gracias al Festival Artecai y la Feria del Libro en La Serena, hoy realizamos una nueva presentacion de Fracasate Conmigo. Hoy se unieron Toto y Conel (Gusano) en el amor por siempre y despues Gissella se pidio amor infinita con su mama. Muy bello!

Thanks to the Tecai Puppetry Company and their festival Artecai, in collaboration with the Book Fair in La Serena, today we performed another Fail In Love With Me love ceremony. Toto joined Conel (Gusano) in love forever, and then Gissella joined her mum in a loving union forever. Very beautiful!

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TiTO, Tu y Yo! Sabado 27 Abril, Barrio Italia, Santiago

Mañana lleva tu niño y tus niños a Ediciones Ekare Sur, en Italia 2004 (esquina con Colo Colo), Barrio Italia para ver TiTO y el cuento “Tu y Yo”! a las 11.30 mañana Sabado 27 Abril (La ultima presentacion del 2013 del TiTO en Santiago!)

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