Saturday limerick

Curled up in a stairwell.
We slept with unease.
Our friend had us wait there.
Whilst he searched for his keys.

Before we could dream.
The morning had broken.
The sun flooded in.
And left us a soaking.

I could have ate pizza.
Or clowned in a park.
I could have gone to a party.
But I wanted a lark.

So I got my gear ready.
And hauled it downstairs.
To find streets that were empty.
But see bars were a flare.

I reached the bus stop.
And waited and wondered.
Then I heard that the buses.
Were afraid to be plundered.

A game of football.
Had the city alert.
And due to this crisis.
I could not reach my work.

My public service.
Depends on many others.
When there´s no public transport,
We unfortunately suffer.

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