The flu was the first sign.
The lost train card was the second.
And the wheel, falling off my suitcase, and rolling down the hill, was the sealer.

That is, if you believe in rules of three.

I had also forgotten to pack my hat.
And had left my slack rope shoes on the table.
It was not shaping up to be a great performance.

That is, if you believe in interpreting facts.

I didn´t feel like performing.
I didn´t feel like travelling.
I didn´t feel happy.

But I went anyway.

I drank lemon, ginger and honey.
I washed the dishes and rested.
I closed my eyes, and dreamed.

And in the meantime, it rained.

But the show would go on.
Rain or shine.
And amongst the puddles, we shone.

As I tip toed about in socks.

The children laughed.
The children played.
The children made it possible.

Amongst 200 children.

We kept colourful balloons in the air.
The balloons were everyone’s.
The colours were everyone’s.

And I remembered why I´d came.


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