El Ogrito

A little ogre and his mother live in a cabin in the middle of the forest, far away from others. The little ogre has just turned six, so it’s time to go to school. However, he soon realizes that perhaps he is too different to fit in with his companions.His enormous size, his mood swings and that enigmatic desire for blood soon stun him and his mother, who grows overwhelmed and decides to tell him the truth that explains the why he behaves this way.

With clear and open language in which children are taken into account as reflective beings, El Ogrito becomes a story full of courage and tenderness. It´s message impacts both the little ones and the adults, about the way in which our offspring can overcome the laws of inheritance or a painful past. It is a story full of contrasts and deep questions, through endearing characters and, at the same time, complex.

El Ogrito takes place in a park in Talca, with live music, songs and elements of the circus (slackrope) which serve as support for the story.

Dramaturgy: Suzanne Lebeau | Address: Coté Rivara | Cast: Coté Rivara, Robert Cartwright | Musician: Mia Mohr Musical Composition: Andrés González | Production: Loreto Aravena | Visual design: Francisca Burgos | Technical Director: Marcela Larenas | Artistic mentoring: Chiara Guidi (Italy)

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