TiTo vs T-Rex

Last week my Amazonian friends gifted me a feathered headdress, some jungle seed necklaces, and a spear they fashioned with a machete. Yesterday, on my way to the traffic light, I passed a pedestrian boulevard in the north of Quito, where they have installed big model dinosaurs that move and make sounds. Upon seeing them, I was compelled to play, and so joining up all of lifes dots, I brought along all my Amazonian accessories, plus some cardboard for shoes, a rubbish bin for coins, and some other handicrafts I found in the Marco´s (my friendly host) home. A block from the dinosaurs I stumbled upon a wooden crate which served perfectly as a pedestal. For over an hour I played as the hunter and the hunted, until the wooden crate tumbled below me, leading me into a ceremonial dance with the maraca to farewell the audience and the T-Rex!

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