Circus Classes

This week I have been teaching circus classes in El Mirador College, San Ramon, on the outskirts of Santiago. The 40 minute bike ride from home to the school has been a treat, discovering some amazing giant murals colourfully brought to us by AISLAP, ADEP, AGOTOK and other Chilean graffiti crews.
In the classes we have experimented with body articulation, coordination and dissociation, as a form to prepare the individual body and the group´s collective energy for practising circus skills with an acuter sense of concentration and ability.

2 thoughts on “Circus Classes

  1. hey rob
    what’s dissociation mean in circus terms?
    Oh yes and i love your emails – great to see an ex-student still shooting for the sky. lifts my heart.

    my memoir on the 60’s in oz will be out november 2010
    mike hyde.

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for comment, it lifts my spirits to know that my teachers can feel that way!
      Dissociation in my terms means the ability to perform one movement with one part of the body whilst another or other parts of the body perform other independent movements. A simple example is to rub my stomach with my left hand and tap my head with my right hand.
      Where will I be able to read your memoir?

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